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The Facts behind Challenge Coins

Challenge coins, like the name goes, are coins only that they do not serve the purpose of being used as currency. The other difference is that they are made to identify with a group or organization which translates that they bear the logo or the identity of the original organization. Challenge coins trace they origin from the military where in fact started out as personalized bullets for each member but the risk of having ammunition so casually caused the idea to be changed to coins.

It was named a challenge coins because it being dropped signified a challenge in different levels from debates, discussions to fights. The challenge could also be used as a criterion of who was to treat the rest of the team members if they did not have their coin with them when the challenge was thrown. The coins, in times of hardships could offer them motivation as to reminded them the cause that they fought for.

The team members used these coins to remind them that they were not alone and that they always had to remain united especially in the call of duty. Considering the noble purpose that these coins play, it is therefore not unusual to find them being carried everywhere a soldier goes. Challenge coins were just but one of the many forms that were used to appreciate soldiers depending of what they had done. Challenge coins differ with the reason being why they are issued, which meant that the challenge coins that were given as a means of appreciation were much more special in make. The retired servicemen use them for the memories of their days in the military. Challenge coins could command a lot of money as they have minted out in very few quantities.

They could be minted out of different material such as silver bronze gold or their metals depending on their purpose, a factor which increases their value. The coins are hard to counterfeit as the designs used are unique to the producing companies, which confirms why they seem so hard to find. The shapes and designs of these coins largely differ with different companies. Collecting coins is a trend whose popularity continues to grow over the years. The increase in the numbers interested in there goes up and since their number remains constant, it then means that they continue to become harder to find. It has been discovered that people can get in auctions in the course of purchasing other items. In this regard, there are even different websites that specialize in the sale and purchase of these coins.

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