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What is Co-Creation and Why Do We Need It?

For what seems as old as time itself, we have always been strict on what is considered a creator and what is considered a creation.For example, a writer creates stories– therefore they are the creator. In the same manner, those who read the writer’s works are consumers. Likewise, the role of a consultant mirrors that of the content creator. It is possible that the consumer may come across a problem that they cannot solve and enlist the help of the consultant.

It is even possible that there is an even better solution. In today’s world, the stark divide between the creator and the customer no longer exist. When the creator shares the responsibility of creation with the consumer, the consumer sees themselves in the final product.

It is only when we are working together, both consumer and creator that we can deliver optimal results. It is important to include the client in the process, as it will allow the client to believe that the end result is theirs as well.

In the sharing of ideas, the client and the creator become co-creators each with unique expertise that they bring to the conversation. By working together, we can find answers– even ones that we never could pondering on the problem ourselves. To add, differences in thought and opinions create more efficient solutions.

Today, we all look for ways to be apart of the decision-making process. Even in education, teachers are giving students an active role in their education.

One question we must consider: How can we get both clients and creators to collaborate? It is critical to establish yourself as the expert, however, ensure that the client feels welcome to express themselves and comfortable to contribute to solving the problem. it is important to include the client, as doing so will garner their support and allow them to see the project as their own.

Please keep in mind, however, collaboration is not useful for every project. In fact, there will be times that you will have to move forward as the expert. If you are an expert in a trade, for example, it is incredibly difficult to collaborate with a customer on that trade especially if they are not knowledgeable in that area. Don’t fret, however, as there are still a plethora of chances the creator and the client can have to work together to create a product.

For example, you can work with creators of all stages and give them the tools and support they need to create meaningful solutions and assist many in their pursuit to be successful.
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