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Features of the Perfect 4WD Roof Racks

If you like to explore the outdoors in your 4WD, which consistently falls short of interior space to accommodate your camping luggage, you may solve the problem by expanding the storage using the ideal 4×4 roof rack. Different car roof racks are built to solve diverse problems, and so, you need to take your requirements into account while shopping for a solution that matches intended use.

The primary aim of automobile roof racks to expand storage, letting you pack critical items as opposed to leaving them at home. You can use the space to store your camping swag, tent, toolboxes, or food boxes. Additionally, fixing spotlights on the roof rack can help you see better in the dark.

Nonetheless, don’t forget that roof racks are designed to hold large but lightweight items. Typically, there’s a legal weight limit for luggage you may carry on top of your vehicle. You could use a 500kg roof rack without breaking the law. Each 4WD make, from Pajero to Prado and Landrover, has a specific maximum weight. Staying within the legal weight limit of your roof rack is a matter of motoring safety considering that heavier items reduce the stability of your car on the road.

It’s also important to consider the additional features that a roof rack may have. Perhaps you want the rack to have full-length side rails? A roof rack with open ends may suffice as it makes easy work of loading lengths of timber or even plastic piping. How’d you like luggage sitting on a steel meshwork built to ensure smaller items cannot fall through to the roof of your SUV and cause damage? In addition, a range of items may be firmly secured onto the rack through extra mounting points on the steel meshwork.

A roof rack of superior quality will resolutely carry a heavy luggage on the roof of your SUV. Choose a product that’s long-lasting so that you can use it repeatedly, especially if this is what you like to do with your 4WD. You could choose a steady steel frame that’s been over-engineered to pass the Australian Standard AS 1235-2000 test.

A hard-wearing roof rack as a powder-coated on the exterior. The outer coat guards against the scratching or damaging of the rack as you pack items. Ultimately, the rack is protected from reaction with rust-causing compounds like water.

Other factors you may want to consider include how easy it is to install and remove the roof rack. That’s important when you wish to use your SUV for other purposes.

Overall, 4×4 roof racks save the day when you need to carry extra items to any location using your 4WD. Ensure to purchase a product appropriate for your specific use.

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